3 Types Of Cowboy Boot Heels

The cowboy boots have been the talk of the town for so many years. They are fashionable and chic footwear that can be worn all year round. Both men and women appreciate these cowboy boot heels since the 1800s. There are just so many ways to pair them up with! However, there are different kinds of cowboy boots and they are worn differently in different parts of the world. In the western regions of the United States, cowboys would wear cowhide boots. Different types of cowboy boot heels go with different kinds of outfits depending on your t-shirt, hat, and other accessories. Cowboy boots got popular in the 17th century due to how common they became which led to these boots becoming a fashion statement. When these cowboy boots hit Hollywood in the 1930s, there was no going back! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to cowboy boots as they vary from toe shapes, patterns, and colors. These cowboy boot heels each have their own various functions and styles depending on what the wearer prefers. Whether is it for daily wear or going to town, there is a unique heel that is best suited for you!


The Fowler heel style is now the most common heel style seen on most cowboy boots. You will find that Fowler heels come in two different designs - straight and slanted. They both have their own advantages for men and women. These slanted heels are often for more formal events and these boots usually have a more high-end design but they are also comfortable for walking around in. The more traditional kind of heel is the straight-cut heel where it is most comfortable and stable for wearers to easily complete daily tasks and walk with ease.


Roper is a straight-cut heel design with a rich history. These Roper boots were worn by the former Prime Minister of England, Arthur Wellesley who was the first Duke of Wellington. He wore hessian boots with a short heel, with pointed toes, and has beautiful tassel decorated tops. The duke then went to a local bootmaker to create a new kind of hessian boots made from soft calf leather - this was the first Roper boot. Roper boots heels are about one inch tall and are made to be flat and stable.


The walking heel is definitely one of the most comfortable for both men and women who love wearing their boots throughout the day. These heels are slightly taller than one inch and it has a slight slant. Traditionally, walking heels are made out of wood but sometimes they can be made from rubber which provides an extra bounce when the wearer walks to protect your heels and calf all day. It is extremely important if the wearer stays on their feet for a long period of time.

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