4 Reasons Printed Tees Are The New Trend In 2021

The printed tee trend has been around for longer than we can remember, and the good news is, they are coming back in style! These versatile pieces are unisex and look great no matter how young or old you are. The hype over printed tees definitely isn’t dying down anytime soon. Here are a few reasons why printed tees are the new trend in 2021.

Printed Tees are Versatile

Fancy a printed tee over a pair of leggings or jogging shorts for that laid-back athleisure look? Not a problem. You can even tuck a graphic printed tee into a pair of jeans and throw a blazer on to look a little less casual and a little more dressed up. Printed tees are really versatile, and you can even add some accessories to bring your outfit to a whole new level. No matter how you try to style a printed tee, it works, and it isn’t hard to see why these pieces have remained a closet staple for such a long time.

Nostalgia of the Last Few Decades

Many brands and companies these days are playing into the power of nostalgia to capture consumer’s attention, especially in this period where most of the world is longing for easier times. That’s why there are so many film reboots of classics these days, playing off the sense of familiarity and the comfort we feel as we look back at something we remember from a long time ago.

Fashion is cyclical and 90s and early 2000s fashion trends are starting to come back in style and graphic tees are one of them. Millennials remember this period fondly and shirts with their favorite bands, films and cartoons are a reminder of their childhood. With the internet, even gen-z would be exposed to the pop cultural phenomena of the 90s or 80s. These days, graphic tees with old bands like Nirvana or Guns N’ Roses look vintage and retro.

Comfort and Effortless Style

Life’s hard enough as it is and sometimes you don’t want to expend extra effort thinking about your outfit. It is a beautiful thing that these days, you don’t have to pick between comfort and style. Popping by the store for a quick errand? Got some last-minute shopping to do? Heading out for a quick lunch? Just throw on a cozy printed tee and you’re ready to go.

Make a Statement

It was in the 1960s that printed tees were used for protests and counter-cultural groups to make a statement and incite change. These days, you can find a printed tee for every show, artist, film or cause that you believe in. Printed tees are a great way to show support for the things that you love and are a wonderful piece of clothing for self-expression that’s available to everyone.

With these reasons, it’s clear that the hype over printed tees hasn’t died down and that these comfortable, versatile pieces are here to stay. They will never really go out of style so shop around for something you like and style it as creatively as you can to make your own statement!

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