6 Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Boots

Have you been replacing your boots frequently? It is understandable if you would have to replace them as these boots have to go through long seasons of rain and snow. Just like hats and t-shirts, they have to be clean in a particular way to prevent them from losing their shape and preserving the material. Here are some ways to protect your boots.

Protect from Rain and Snow

It is a good idea to invest in a protective spray that acts as a repellant against water and winter snow. This would work on leather or even suede boots! This protective spray helps spills and liquids on the top of your boots to be easily wiped away before it stains. Do remember to apply the protective spray to your boots every two to three days.

Moisturize the Leather

Liken to how you moisturize your face so that the cold weather does not dry your face out, it is important to moisturize your leather boots regularly. This helps to preserve that beautiful shine it naturally has and allows it to last longer. You can easily find leather moisturizers or conditioners in a shoe shop for under $10. What a good bargain!

Clean Stains Immediately

When you realize you have stained your boots with coffee or snow, it is important to remove the stain before it becomes embedded into the boots. You can use a salt stain remover on the boots after being out in the snow. Apply the remover as soon as possible. Do remember to bring this salt stain remover wherever you go, it is small and compact for the user’s convenience. Let your boots air-dry overnight.

Add Protective Rubber Sole

One thing you can do to protect your boots this winter is to add a protective rubber sole. It is so simple to put on the sole as you can just snap it on the existing sole. You can get it done at shoe repair shops which can cost about $40 for new shoes.


The heels on the boots are easily worked out. Do remember to keep an eye on the condition of your heels on the boots. Do try to do it as soon as possible as it will cost more if you wait any longer. If your heels are worn out, they can cause bruising and blisters on your feet. It will be uncomfortable to stay on your feet for long if the heels are being worked out. Monitor their condition and do replace them if they start to get worn.

Leather Creams

Using leather creams is a great fix to scuffings and discoloration. Leather creams are easy to apply and can cost less than $10 and are in many different colors to match your pair of boots. For more extreme discoloration and stuffings, your local repair shop will be able to fix the problem for you easily.

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