7 Beautiful Cowgirl Hairstyles

Cowgirl hairstyles are versatile and chic at the same time. The hairstyles can complement your shirt, hat, and boots. With so many cowgirl hairstyles to choose from regardless of your hair length, do try different kinds of cowgirl hairstyles to see which suits you the best. Here are some beautiful cowgirl hairstyles that you can choose from.

Bohemian Braid

For this braid, you need to have long hair. If you do not have long hair, do consider putting on hair extensions. To create this braid, draw a line from the hairline at the forehead to the middle of your head. Divide the hair into two parts and plaid each side in a descending manner. The hair on both sides should join together at the back of the head. You can take your fringe hair and divide it into two parts. Start braiding both sides - you can use different braiding styles.

Urban Cowgirl

This hairstyle is fun and easy to tie! First, separate the hair from the mid head hair to the sides. Add your fringe hair with the mid head hair you separated and start braiding it backward. Afterwhich, form a bun towards the end of the braid. This hairstyle will look great with curly or wavy hair.

Back Head Braid

This is one of the simplest hairstyles to tie. First, comb all your fringe hair backward towards the middle head hair. Next, let go of the hair at both sides of the head, leaving the middle portion of the hair. Plait the middle portion of the hair backward and to end the braid, tie a bun.

Side Head Plaits

This hairstyle will look so elegant and pretty on you! Portion out some hair at the left side of your head - ensure this hair is close to your fringe. Braid the portion towards the right side of the head. Bring the ends of the braid over from the left to the right side of the head and secure it with a bobby pin. This hairstyle will form the illusion of wearing a braided hairband.

Classic Cowgirl

You cannot go wrong with this hairstyle! Start by dividing your hair into two portions and in each section, tie a fishtail braid. You can add some spice to it by wearing a nice cowboy hat.

Shoulder Sleek

This chic hairstyle could go with every outfit possible. Firstly, sleek back all your hair towards the back and brush it through. Tie braids towards the left shoulder. Release some hair from your fringe and curl them to help frame your face. You can wear a cowboy hat to add to the finishing touches.


This is one of the latest hairstyles that have been trending. Start by dividing your hair into two main parts and braid the two sections. Comb the fringe hair out and curl it so that it can better frame your face.

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