An Introduction To The Country Style

Many of us are into country style as it is such a comfortable style to wear that we feel like we are in our own skin when we dress this way. We appreciate how it looks as it makes us look smart and casual at the same time. However, more than just the t-shirts and fancy hats, how much do we really know about country style to fully appreciate it? Do we know what makes an outfit country style? What makes it so lovable? There are many questions about country style which we do not know!

Knowing these answers may make you love country style even more. Here are some facts about the country style outfit.

History of the Country Style

The country style was iconic in British fashion. From the 19th century to the early 20th century, it was a widely popular traditional clothing for the wealthy in British countries. There would be tailors who produced country style clothes that were durable and practical. The popularity of the country style had led to productions on markets with different variations and colors to make it more attractive. It was also a rather recognizable look from afar! It is a look of smart casual with waxed jackets and tweed.

The Victorian royal family and Prince Albert were the ones who made this style common and mainstream. Albert insisted that all workers working had to wear tweed that he designed to use this as an indication that the staff members were working in the royal estate. The tweed helped to blend in with the surrounding like the countryside.

By the 20th century, it became a huge fashion statement where big brands like Barbour and Hunter established a full collection in country style. Ever since, it has been part of Britain’s heritage and culture. There have been different adaptations to the style as this style was born in the Victorian era and times have changed. This country style is part of the British heritage and is seen as a national dress. Sometimes, this fashion may seem bland and that is why brands tend to switch it up a bit.

Key Style Components

Country style headwear is usually a flat cap, Irish walking hat, and trilby hat. These hats are more traditional and often worn. However, people may choose to wear non-traditional hats due to the weather or the social event they are attending. Flat caps are often made out of tweed or cotton while trilby hats are often made out of felt and sometimes a feather is attached on the side as an accessory. The footwear worn is often dependent on the activity that the wearer is doing.

Some common footwear they may choose is natural rubber wellington boots and even leather country boots to protect the wearer from the mud and puddles of water on the uneven ground. Waxed and quilted jackets are often worn to accompany the look, with its traditional style being dark olive green with a brown collar. Tweed jackets and coats are also worn to keep the wearer warm during the colder season. Tweed material has often been associated with the British countryside, and tweed suits or jackets are the icons of English country gentlemen and ladies since the 1800s. To this day, they continue to be popular and highly raved about.


The country-style consists of practical pieces as this style was developed with ruggedness in mind to withstand rough environments and terrain. Of course, in the modern world, country style outfits are adapted for city life, but they will not lose their original trademarks of being waterproof, warm, and made from sturdy materials. This could come in the form of waterproof wax jackets. There are many imitators that try to look like country-wear yet are unable to withstand harsh conditions but true country fashion is made out of premium materials that are always able to withstand difficult environments.


The comfort of country-style clothes is always the top priority. If you plan to wear country style wear for the entire day, it is important for the outfit to be comfortable. Made with high-quality materials, country style outfits will be able to exude a charming while casual look in the city, and ease of wear in nature, and comfortable for both settings. They should feel great when you walk or run, whether it is in the countryside or on a street.

Contemporary Country-Style from Missouri

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