Collaboration Looks: Country Styles in Formal Settings

You have been invited to a wedding or a formal dinner and you have no idea what to wear? If you love country style, this guide is for you. No matter what your style is, it is important to dress your best on those formal occasions but you should also show off your personality in the way you dress. Many people find it hard to get dressed in country styles in formal settings, as when we think about country style, we think about a more casual outfit, such as jeans, boots, shirts, and hats. Fret not, here are some ideas to piece them together for the formal occasion.

Daytime Florals

Nothing beats a beautiful floral dress that will be flattering on any body type. Floral dresses are an amazing way to encapsulate your countryside spirit to the formal occasion. Pair with it a beautiful rattan hat and shades to complete the look. Adding a pair of suedes wedged heels will complement the entire look. It is definitely a great option to wear to a formal setting.

Collar Dress

Collar dresses are such chic and classic wear. Sweeten up your style with a signature Chanel-like dress, which is a beautiful and elegant style to easily put on. You can pair it with suede stiletto heels or even boots with heels. Wearing a beautiful felt hat will complement the whole outfit well. Try wearing neutral colors like ivory or cream color tone so that it is easier to match with your shoes and accessories.


Pleated dresses or long skirts are versatile and easy to match with. The texture pleat feature gives your look a more modern feel and provides a dynamical edge and a contemporary style. It is a great piece to add to your wardrobe if you don’t already own one. You can pair them with cowboy boots and a hat for the ultimate chic country look.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are often worn on formal occasions due to how elegant and stunning they look on any body type. For a more country style, you can choose a boho-styled dress. These maxi dresses can give you the comfortable and relaxed look you desire. To make it look great on you, ensure the maxi skirt length is just right for your height and body shape. It is all about enhancing your beautiful features but feeling comfortable at the same time.


Although it may be a formal event, you still can afford a little fun with your accessory choices. You can try different kinds of accessories to see what best suits the outfit you are wearing on the day itself. You can choose to wear a pair of oversized hoop earrings with a beautiful floral maxi dress or show off your rattan hat while holding a glamorous sling bag. Do not be afraid to show your love for the country style look through your accessories!

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