Country Concert Outfit Ideas For Cowgirls

We all love to wind down and enjoy a fun festive country concert. However, it may be difficult to decide what to wear for attending one. When choosing your outfit for a country concert, the top priority has to be comfort, so as to allow you to dance freely along to the music. Choices include dresses, boots, hats, and bottoms. Being comfortable is key since you will be on your feet for a long period of time. Here are some concert outfit ideas to suit your cowgirl’s spirits for your next country concert!


Cowgirl outfits are not complete without boots! Your boots make a big statement and show off your fun personality. There are so many designs to choose from. There are bold colors and patterns to choose from and if you are headed to an evening country concert that is more luxurious and fun, beautiful studded cowgirl boots are a great option. Go on and flaunt your beautiful boots with a nice top and denim shorts to complete your look.


Hats are definitely a staple piece if you are going to a country concert. When you are attending an outdoor country concert, hats are a great opportunity to show off your unique style while protecting you from UV rays. These UV rays are highly harmful to your skin so hats are especially important to wear to an outdoor concert. Wear a cute classic cowboy hat and match it with the same color as your boots. You can add personality to your outfits by changing your cowboy hat to a snapback cap or trucker hat. Bucket hats are also trending and worth the hype for it. You can tie a ponytail or some braids under your hat to add a more dreamy feel to the style, if you feel like it.


The top you wear to the concert is based on the rest of your outfits. If you are going to pick casual boots and a hat, you should choose a more casual top to compliment your whole outfit. Your top could be cute or sassy graphic t-shirts with denim shorts or with a pair of leggings. If you prefer to dress up a bit more, you can opt for an off-shoulder top or a nice dress. The color of your top should match the colors of your boots and hats. Try to keep the outfits within three colors to look pleasing to the eyes.


Sometimes we cannot decide whether to wear shorts or long pants. It usually depends on the kind of weather and your preferences. Traditionally, cowboy boots are usually worn with jeans and long pants like leggings. If it is cold outside, long pants are a better option to choose. However, if it is warm outside, do wear shorts instead! Your comfort is much more important especially when you are trying to have a good time.

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