Cowgirl Fashion: Why The Fringes?

The Western trend is rolling back in style with a full force howdy. Not only can this be seen on popular fashion catwalks, more people are now experimenting with flared jeans, ankle boots, and fringe on clothing or bags. Fringes in cowgirl fashion have had an interesting journey through time, so read on to find out more.

Fringes in Cowgirl Fashion and Its Purpose in Clothing

Did you know Native Americans are also some of the first to incorporate fringes into their daily wear? This embellishment was initially created to help the wearer repel rainwater? Leather or suede was the material of choice for many tribes in the past as it served both decorative and practical purposes. It was designed so raindrops would travel down the tassels and away from the body. Another purpose of the fringe was to prevent a cut piece of fabric from unraveling when hemming was not used. Strands of threads would be removed, and whatever remained were twisted or braided together.

History of Fringes in Cowgirl Fashion

From the first fringe jackets worn in the far west to the 21st Century catwalks, fringes have made an exciting journey through historical moments. When we first see the fringe on a piece of clothing, many people associate it with the far west, and they’re not wrong to do so. The first fringes on clothing are dated back to the Sumerian civilization from ancient Mesopotamia, in the Middle East sometime during the 3000 B.C. This ancient embellishment is evident in all their detailed sculptures, statues, and written accounts. At the time, the fringes people wore were very rough – thick wool locks arranged by vertical stripes creating skirts and shawls worn by men. As many centuries passed, like everything else, the locks evolved to look more refined and were used at the edge of cloths, leading to the fringes the world is so familiar with today.

Popularization of Fringes in Cowgirl Fashion and American Culture

During the 19th century, women in the west started taking an interest in these decorations for their own clothing. It didn’t just stop there – this style was gradually incorporated into carpets, bedspreads, pillows, and even military uniforms. Throughout the century, the public’s love for all things with fringes persistently trickled in and faded out of fashion, which brought about the golden age of fringe in the 1920s, where the Charleston dance took place, and the hippies movement a few decades later. In the early 21st> century, kick flare jeans, clutches, and earrings made a comeback, but it was only a couple of months back that we saw fringe popping up on social media once again. It seems like fringe will be sticking around for a long time, since there are plenty of avenues to explore when styling an outfit with it – from western flare to a touch of glam.

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