Cowgirl Outfit Ideas For Summer

It is almost summer which means it’s time to get your cowboy hats and boots cleaned and shined! It also means that it is time to get your summer cowgirl outfit ready. The arrival of summer means fun activities like chuckwagon races and rodeos and many more outdoor events. Whether you are participating or not, you will want to look great in your summer cowgirl outfit! Here are some summer cowgirl outfit ideas for you to choose from.

The Classic

You can never go wrong if you stick with the classics. With a button-up blouse with long jeans, this cowgirl look is timeless and it will be a perfect outfit to go for this summer. If you are entering competitions or shows, this outfit will be perfect! It is so chic and comfortable for all. Too plain for you? Include a nice belt and a cowboy hat to finish it off.


Denim is versatile and easy to pair with. This summer, you can try denim crop tops which are cute and a great way to stay cool in the heat. Denim crop tops are trending currently and for a good reason, it is so chic and pretty! You can also choose to wear denim skirts, shorts, and jeans to match. Denim can be found in any flea market with different designs and embroidery on them.

Flared Bottoms

We all know that flared bottoms are made for the rodeo. They will go perfect with cowboy boots and a t-shirt with chunky and loud jewelry pieces. They go well with any top and flashy belts. These flared bottoms can be really stretchy and comfortable to move around in.

Shorts and Boots

A list of summer cowgirl outfits is not complete without including shorts and boots. They are extremely convenient and versatile to wear. You could even wear it every day in summer because of how casual and how easy it is to wear. The shorts will keep you cool in the heat and pairing it with some comfortable cowboy boots will add some zest to your outfit.

Flannel and Thigh Highs

Flannels are great outfit options. They are a perfect way to bring out your inner cowgirl. Additionally, flannels have many different colors to choose from. You can pick your favorite color and pair it with your stylish cowboy boots. Thigh-high boots are so beautiful especially when paired with leggings. With a flannel, leggings, and thigh-high boots, you are ready to rock the world! This is such a chic and classic look to go for.

Fringe Vest

Having a fringe vest brings diversity to your outfit options. There are many looks you can serve with the fringe vest. You can wear a tank top underneath the vest and pair it with some skinny denim jeans. It will look so flattering on any body type. This vest will be a great way to zest up any rodeo outfits you have.

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