How To Style Graphic Tees According To Occasion

The T-shirt is a timeless and classic staple almost everyone has in their wardrobes. Graphic tees are like the cooler sister to regular T-shirts. Graphic tees give any outfit an additional edge, and are more versatile than you could imagine. They can be worn in tons of different styles ranging from edgy to pretty, and everything in between. Here are some tips to style graphic tees for all your fashion forward individuals out there.

For Day-to-Day Activities

It’s totally cool if your go-to look is a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but why not spruce it up a little? Instead of a regular T-shirt, wear a graphic tee and finish the outfit with an oversized blazer or a pair of heels and chunky silver statement jewelry. You can also tuck part of the shirt into your jeans. Headed to dinner after running errands and feeling too casual in your graphic tee? Jazz up your look with a cardigan in a basic color. Layering is a style hack that should be taken advantage of, as it can turn a simple outfit into a sophisticated one.

For The Office

Contrary to popular belief, graphic T-shirts have a place in the office and in business casual settings. Graphic tees are fantastic since they can instantly tone down an outfit that is too stiff and formal. Furthermore, pairing a T-shirt with a sleek garment will result in a look you may not be able to get enough of. Blazers also pair well with graphic shirts and are ideal for casual Fridays at work.

For Nights Out

Moto jackets can add edge to your graphic tee and elevate it for a night out on the town. An oversized graphic T-shirt can be layered over a body con maxi, mini, or midi dress for a fun and unique layered look that transforms any dress into a skirt in a flash. To accentuate your figure, tie the shirt in a knot in the front or on the side. You can also create an hourglass figure by tying a sweater, button-up or top, or a sash or belt around your waist. Painting the town red in your graphic tee – sounds like a perfect night!

For Making a Statement

You might be someone who wants to make a statement regardless of the occasion. It might be time to cart out those velvet or faux leather leggings or ruffled statement skirts you have been eyeing. Pair a statement piece with your favorite graphic tee and a pair of heels or sneakers, depending on the event. This look, though consisting of contrasting elements, will likely become a go-to as it is relatively easy to style, and looks like it took a lot more of time and effort to put together. It’s all about finding the best way to look like you put in extra effort.

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