Kickin It Country Style!

Kickin It Country Style!

When it comes to things to do in the summer, country activities are the best option for making the most of the sunshine. More importantly, these summer country activities are a great way to integrate into and appreciate western and country life. These are especially helpful for socializing and getting to know the different people in your area, if you just moved into The Country.

To make sure that you have a jampacked summer full of fun plans, here is a list of our top country activities!

Horseback Riding

When It comes to activities, there is nothing more country than horseback riding. In fact, anyone who grew up in a rural community would have had quite a few interactions with horses. Regardless of your riding experience, setting aside a day to go ride horses is an activity that is great for the whole family. Depending on the ranch or trails that you visit, horseback riding is also a great way to explore the natural landscape and to just go for a great adventure. GiddyUp!

Go to Country Festivals, Fairs, and Events

In the summer, there is a wide range of different events and festivals that will take place -these range from music festivals, country fairs, and even a rodeo. If you have friends who have never experiences this way of life: what a wonderful and fun way to show off your love for it! Western culture, food, and traditions are commonplace around my neck of the woods, here in the Midwest, but some people travel into the area, from cities to “take it all in” and “try it out”. What a wonderful opportunity to make new aquaintences and friends! More importantly, these are fun for people of all ages, making these a perfect option for a fun day with everyone you hold dear.

Have a Bonfire

This can either be right in your backyard or an enjoyable night at a new campsite. A bonfire is one of the most quintessential country activities and brings together people from all walks of life for some burgers and beer. More importantly, it is a great way to get out into the great outdoors and just enjoy being out under the stars during the evening time. This can also be the perfect time to bring out instruments like a harmonica, or guitar to showcase your musical talents and enjoy a singing session. This is a very regular occurrence in my town, and probably in yours too! Share the fun of a bonfire with some friends and family from The City this summer and show them what they are missing in their concrete jungles!

Float the Rivers

After a long hard week of working cattle, showing dogs & horses or fixing fences, floating down a river on a canoe, raft or john-boat is just the best way to unwind on the weekend. No time-schedules or errands to run, just you and the family with friends (and the dog too) taking in the scenery of a local river. Pack a small cooler for drinks and snack, grab your swim suits and sunglasses and load up the truck for a day you won’t soon forget! Many areas have boats and canoes to rent if you don’t own one yourself, and trasportation back to the starting point (where you parked your truck). Put together a Float Trip with your friends at the next bonfire, after a day of horseback riding to the Fair!

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