Mix and Match Styles With Graphic Tees

Graphic tees come in a variety of colors with different prints, slogans or typography. They can add fun to your outfits or you can make a statement with them. They are versatile, comfortable and highly affordable – you can look effortlessly chic in them without breaking the bank. You can even save a couple of bucks by browsing your local thrift store and ending up with a gem. A graphic tee with a funny slogan can brighten up a stranger’s day, and a well put together, comfy graphic tee outfit will leave you looking and feeling good.

While a simple t-shirt is a great basic for building an outfit, a well-designed graphic tee can elevate your look just by being worn on its own. Chances are you likely have more than a few graphic tees in your wardrobe, so why not make use of the pieces that you already own to create some fresh, new looks? Although you can never go wrong pairing a graphic tee with a pair of jeans, here are some ideas to help you mix and match new styles.

Add Some Color

If your graphic tee is in a subdued color, you can pull on a bright and bold bottoms to make your outfit interesting. Whether it’s a red midi skirt, a lime green shorts or even some yellow pants, a pop of color can help bring up the fun element in an outfit.

Add Some Patterns

There are stripes, polka dots, zebra prints and so many other patterns that you can choose from. Adding a patterned bottoms to your graphic tee is sure to draw eyes to your outfit. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can even try layering different prints! Be sure to check out the runway looks for inspiration.

Add Different Textures

Throw on a leather jacket or a lace maxi skirt to add different textures to your ensemble – your outfit will instantly become visually interesting.

Go Neutral

Limit your color palette to black, white and nude pieces if the color of the graphic tee has a neutral colored background. Tuck your white graphic tee into a pair of beige trousers and add a tan jacket to complete the look. By sticking to similar shades of color, your outfit will look polished and put together.

Wear Your Graphic Tee as a Co-Ord Set

Co-Ord sets are currently all the rage. If you have a blue graphic tee that you want to wear, why not go blue all the way? Matching your shoes, outerwear and accessories to the color of your tee is a fun way to make your outfit look effortlessly well-thought-out.


While we’ve talked about different patterns and colors you can add to your outfits, let’s not forget about accessories. A simple scarf or a matching bag can do wonders to complete your outfit. Just make sure that if you’re working with metals, you’ll want to keep it consistent throughout your outfit. For example, add gold earrings if you’re wearing a belt with gold buckles.

These aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. By following some of our suggestions, you can experiment with what you have in your closet to create looks that you love. Graphic tees are highly versatile and you won’t go wrong no matter what you decide to pair them with.

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