Rodeo-Themed Fashion Trends To Watch Out For

The western trend is scattered cross sidewalks, runways, and Instagram feeds now. If you’re looking to find rodeo-themed fashion trends to prepare for the new year, grab your hats, boots, and plaid shirts because you’ve come to the right place. The current western wave is less dress-up and more about the development of fashion’s current desire for Americana-inspired utilitarian outfits, as seen below.

Rodeo-themed Fashion Trends – Modernized Classics

As we all know, the obvious mainstays of western fashion include fringed jackets, wide-brim hats, and cowboy boots. Over the years, designers have continued to add creative upgrades to all the current classic staples. Instead of finding traditional boots to spice up your look, opt for textured, colorful ones. Getting a pair of bright tie-dye boots or a metallic one to complement a neutral top will put a modern spin on the rodeo-themed fashion trend so it doesn’t appear too on-the-nose, for those who would like to be a little bit more out of the box.

Rodeo-themed Fashion Trends – Cattle Call

Leopard prints can move on over. It’s time for the black-and-white cow print to be this year’s limelight. A couple of celebrities and influencers like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B have been showing off their cow print leggings, hats, bags, boots, and tops on the internet, but we haven’t really been seeing it a lot on the streets. Over the years, it will only become more popular because of its easy-to-match color scheme. If you’re not too big on a full-on cow print look, ease yourself into it with a statement accessory like mules or a handbag.

Rodeo-themed Fashion Trends – On the Prairie

For some ladies, the structured silhouettes and leather jackets of the rodeo-themed style can be a little more masculine than what you’re accustomed to. Perhaps you prefer more flowy pieces in your outfits and that’s a great look too when going for a western style. The next time you’re out shopping, keep an eye out for prairie dress – tiered, high-necked, or ruffled depending on your preferences. Round off this look with a pair of brown boots or even shoes, and a fringed accessory like a handbag or even jacket. This is perfect for warmer seasons and adds a chic twist to the look. Tie your hair in braided pigtails and don’t forget your sunglasses before leaving the house.

Rodeo-themed Fashion Trends

If you aren’t big on fringes, cow prints, and boots, a plaid blouse is a great alternative that would also give you a more casual appearance. It echoes the hardwearing, workwear nature of western-style when worn tucked in as traditional cowboys would have. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and brown shoes, and you’re good to go. Sometimes simple is best, and this is your chance to show it to the world.

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