The Wild West Inspiration To Cowgirl Wear

The Western genre of film was inspired by the chaotic violence, anarchy, and romance of the period, which eventually spilled over into costumes, games, toys in global mainstream culture. Themes of the Wild West have influenced American culture significantly, and especially so when we’re talking about fashion. If you’re looking for cowgirl wear inspiration, we know a few things about it.

What is The Wild West?

The Wild West, known as the American Frontier or Old West, refers to the geography, folklore, history, and cultural expression of the western United States during its frontier period. It went on from the 17th century till the last of the territories were admitted as states to the union in 1912. These territories were noted for their lawlessness that gave rise to its population that comprised of gangs, the outlaws, gunslingers, gamblers, pioneers, and lastly, cowboys. Most importantly, it was a period that left a lasting impression on the fashion world.

Tied Crop Top Cowgirl Wear

First and foremost, cowgirl is an attitude. For those seeking inspiration for warmer seasons, you may want to grab your favorite graphic t-shirt or a plaid blouse and tie up the bottom to integrate a more feminine touch to your look. This top combined with any pair of jeans will give you the effortless cowgirl look that will make heads turn wherever you go. Alternatively, you can opt for cut-off denim shorts or a skirt. Do experiment with a few colors to see what matches what you already have in your wardrobe. Round off your look with a floppy statement hat and boots to match it before walking out the door.

Traditional Old-School Cowgirl Wear

Those who are interested in a more classic cowgirl attire, grab a white or beige long-sleeved shirt and a brown, fringed long skirt. Tie a bold-looking bandana around your neck. For the best cowgirl look, fold it in half before tying and adjust as necessary, so the bandana hangs as loosely as possible. Don’t forget to tie your hair in braided pigtails and top it all off with a cowboy hat. If you don’t have a pair of cowboy boots, simple brown shoes will give you the classic old-school vibes too.

Cowgirl Wear with Dress

Girls who are looking for cute dress cowgirl outfit ideas, this is for you. Plus, you can do so without looking overdone to wear to a casual setting. A neutral tribal print dress works best for this over brown knee-length boots and a complementary handbag. If you can add fringes to your pieces, even better. Put on a black hat with a couple of accessories like a statement ring and chains, and watch how you transform a casual outfit to a glamorous one that is sure to earn compliments around town.

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