Three Types Of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are versatile and utilitarian on top of adding some spice to your outfit. Perhaps you’re getting into the western-style look to switch up your wardrobe, but aren’t sure which cowboy boot type would suit you. In that case, look no further as we break down the most popular of them, so you don’t have to.

What Are Cowboy Boots?

Gender-flexible, versatile, and tough, cowboy boots are more than a type of footwear. They represent a classic style that is always a no-fail pairing with any cut of jeans, a t-shirt with a jacket to finish the look. Perhaps you’re a country music fan looking for the perfect outfit to wear at a concert, or you simply want to experiment with a cowboy look. There are various cowboy boot types, but all share these same features – stitching on the shaft, a scalloped or curved top, and are traditionally made of leather. Here are the most popular types of cowboy boots you can consider.

Cowboy Boot Types – Western

When someone mentions, “cowboy boots,” the western boot is what surfaces in most people’s minds. They’re not wrong, because this is the original cowboy boot that diverged into many other styles. A key attribute of a western type of cowboy boot includes a Cuban or riding heel, which is a one-and-a-half-inched angle heel initially designed to keep horseback riders stay safe in their saddle. Another is its particularly elaborate and embellished patterns. This style comes in a variety of heights from short to ones that almost touch the knee.

Cowboy Boot Types – Buckaroo

This type was known as the flashiest of all cowboy boots as they boast extremely intricate stitching and design on top of its relatively tall shaft, a saddle which is an additional piece of leather across its vamp, and holes in the scallop for ease of putting the footwear on. The most distinguishing feature, however, is its high heel that is rivals even the Western boot which is usually two inches high already. With Buckaroos, you also get to choose from a range of toe styles – round, square, and wide.

Cowboy Boot Types – Roper

With a lower heel as compared to a Western boot, the Roper boot was designed specifically for rodeo cowboys who participated in calf roping, which is a rodeo sport. Its shorter, tighter shaft and squared heel aid the wearer in running faster, giving them an advantage while chasing calves down. On top of that, it also adds a layer of protection when a cowboy is dismounting. This is a popular choice for those who intend to walk quite a bit in it. Roper boots have a rounded toe shape.

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