Cowgirl Style Guide

Cowgirls are associated with values of strength, independence, determination, and a love for the outdoors. More and more women are interested in finding out how to dress like a cowgirl. In the past, wearing cowgirl attire meant that you were working at a farm and tending to the ranch, however, this doesn’t have to be the case as cowgirl attire and style have evolved to become more casual and relaxed. There are so many ways you can style your attire to look like a cowgirl. You could wear skinny jeans, classic dresses, denim cutoffs, or various skirts. 

Denim and Plaid

Red and blues plaid help to give off the classic cowgirl look. You can never go wrong when topping this off with denim jeans. During cold weather, you may consider wearing your plaid button-down over a shirt, or you could button them up and tuck it in to look neater. If the weather is especially cold such as during the winter, you may want to consider wearing a down jacket or vest over your denim. The down jacket or vest could be in a color that compliments your shirt to help you look better. In hot weather, it would be better to wear denim shorts and skirts as these are more cooling. You can also pair these shorts and skirts with short-sleeved denim shirts. Avoid choosing colors or patterns which are too bright as these could clash with your boots. When dressing up as a cowgirl, it is best to pick basic colors.

Leather and Fringe

Leather is an important aspect of looking like a cowgirl. There are different ways you can incorporate leather into your attire. One of them would be to wear a cowgirl boot. Cowgirl boots are fashionable, well designed, and durable. They are also able to take any outfit and give it a cowgirl style look. You can pair the leather boots with skirts, jeans, or leggings depending on your preference. Purchasing vests adorned with leather fringe, and wearing leather accessories or clothes such as hats, belts, and wrist cuffs are also some of the ways you could better resemble a cowgirl. Find what works best for you but remember that leather is a basic and important material in a cowgirl’s attire.


You could also try wearing distressed or skinny jeans with your attire. Distressed jeans in particular will help to give your attire a much more modern look and balance it, especially when compared to the boots. Wearing skinny jeans also helps in showing off your legs and allows you to tuck them into the boot shaft to give you a clean, classy and taut look.


Whatever attire and clothes you choose to wear, remember that it has to be durable and stylish. Looking like a cowgirl doesn’t mean that you have to look messy and fresh out of the ranch. The attire has evolved with modern society to incorporate designs that have a softer and feminine touch such as button-down shirts with floral patterns and paisley prints. It is also important that your clothes and attire are made from materials of the highest quality as you want to be able to wear them for a long time.