Here at The Dirty Cowgirl, we have numerous Western shirts available in our store. If nothing quite tickles your fancy, then reach out! We can chat about a Custom Order! Price starts at $7 for a Custom Design. 
Email us at: so we can get started!

I have an Idea! Now what? 

The Dirty Cowgirl is always open to fresh ideas and creating something that *you* will love, is one of our top priorities! Just send us an email and we can help figure out the type of design you'd like made (shirt, tumbler or hat) and we'll send you an estimate and get started. 

Wait, how do custom orders work?

We enjoy getting to be creative! Send us an idea, and see what we do with it! With many designs we can then apply the custom artwork to most of our products available. Just send us an email to get started.

How much does it cost?

Every custom order is different and prices vary. Seven dollars is the base price for a custom. If the design seems like it will take many hours to create, the price will change from the $7 to a more appropriate amount. Sorry, it is hard to price this out, here and now, but "ask away" in an email and we will get right back with ya!

How long does it take?

It's all about how busy we are; please be patient, as these take time. We are humans, drawing and designing each piece. Our Art Department works day (and night most times) to get all the Custom Art finished as soon as possible. If you need something ASAP, we can bump you to the top of the list (for a fee, of course). Again, all custom requests are different, so if you're interested in a project, the best way to get your answers would be to email us directly for a timeline and an estimate.