Fabric Information

Ever purchased a couple of cotton T-shirts and wondered why one feels softer or more durable than the other? It all boils down to the manufacturing process, which can produce garments of drastically different quality based on the type of cotton used. Located in Warsaw, Missouri, The Dirty Cowgirl specializes in high-quality sassy country girl apparel including 100% cotton graphic tees, hats, and tumblers in a wide range of designs and colors. Here’s what you need to know about the fabric our apparel is made out of.

Our Apparel

Here at The Dirty Cowgirl, our tees are printed using a digital Direct to Garment (DTG) process, which yields prints that are sharper and of higher resolution, unlike many traditional, outdated printing methods. We use combed and ring-spun cotton of superior quality, and ensure that the blanks used are of the highest grade. The brands we work with boast cotton that stands out from the rest, being clean with long staple fibers, and undergoing an environmentally-friendly dying process. Our apparel is durable enough for to be worn every day, and is easy to wash, which makes for low-maintenance care. All our classic fitting T-shirts come with side seams and a tear-away tag which can be easily disposed of. Products run true to size, so order according to your comfort and lifestyle, and do not worry about the receiving clothes that are too tight or too loose.

Combed Ring Spun Cotton

The cotton we used is 100% combed and ring-spun. The process is as such:  Combing through raw cotton rids it of impurities. It is then ring-spun to create a long, strong strand of yarn. That yarn is turned into the fabric we use, which has an extremely tight weave, smooth consistency, and an ideal surface for printing. The end result is an extra soft and durable T-shirt. Many competitors manufacture garments with carded open-end fabric, which results in tees that are heavy and scratchy.

When it comes to single counts, there is a general range of 18 to 40 in our industry. Garments made of carded open-end fabric are in 18 – 20 range, whereas cotton has a single count of 30, indicating that it possesses a significantly softer hand. As compared to standard and ring spun cotton, combed ring spun cotton may be pricier, but it has the best softness and durability.

Product Care

Our garment dyed shirts should be washed in cold water using mild soap. T-shirts, especially when they come brand new, should be washed separately the first few times, as garments dyed with pigments can potentially fade or bleed onto other clothing articles, which can be easily prevented. We do not recommend you use stain removers or sticks on pigment dyed garments as it runs the risk of colors being removed or wearing off.

Purchase High Quality Apparel from The Dirty Cowgirl

If you are looking for high-quality apparel with fun and sassy designs, The Dirty Cowgirl has got you covered with our 100% cotton printed tees for every mood. Our entire product line is made in the USA, so customer satisfaction is guaranteed.