365 days later…

H O W D Y !!!
Have you missed us on the blog? We have been B U S Y around these parts and let me let you in on why! So much has happened in the month!
Branding: Not just for the Rancher who needs to keep track of her cattle or horses.. we needed to establish a set brand logo and mascot too. To better identify us, when you see it in the stores! Cheyenne the Cowgirl, our mascot, welcomes you to this new chapter of The Dirty Cowgirl Apparel! Our logo is the double horseshoes (creating a "D" & "C" from our name)  and be looking for it in your favorite boutique! Our Art department worked for weeks to establish a mascot that would show off our fun, country spirit, and a logo to grab attention. I hope you all enjoy the new additions! 
Wholesale: We celebrated being one year old in March, and now we have branched out from Retail only, to offering ourselves as a Wholesaler to provide our products in boutiques and shops all over America! If your local, favorite boutique doesn't have TheDCA in their store, SUGGEST US to them, please! We want to expand and as always we stand behind our products and to always make the customers happy with each item! We can embroider hats and jackets, print on garments, laser etch onto tumblers/ shot glasses/ leather patches and bracelets (almost anything!)
CUSTOMS: We LOVE to hear from you in our CUSTOM email! If you have an idea, and we somehow, don't have anything on the site to tickle your fancy.. email us please! CS@TheDirtyCowgirlApparel.com gets you right to the gal behind the store to chat about what you would like to see! A small setup fee if it's specific to your event/ location/ or you'd like to remain exclusive for you or your customers only.. or if it's something we would just add to the site, we sometimes waive the fee altogether. Reach out and visit with us about your ideas! 
Kids & Mens Departments: With the jump into a new season, we felt it only appropriate to also launch into a new era of the store! New designs to expand our demographics. We offer merch now for Kiddos (infant sizes up through Youth) and Mens creations also! We have had a wonderful response from our feedback we've seen so far, and add more designs each week!
Looking Ahead: Thank you for sticking with us for this, our first trip around the sun! We cannot wait to see what the next 365 brings to us here in our small corner of Western Missouri. We hope to add Cheyenne the Cowgirl to more designs in the future and the Horseshoes will be showing off on more double sided tees! 
Thank you for roping the wind with us, as we chase our dreams with this family run, rural-raised website. Y'all mean the world to us! Come on back now, real soon! We'll always have new things to purchase for your Cowgirl, Cowboy, or CattleKiddo lifestyle! Until then, Let Er Buck partners!

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